Ready for the spotlight? We hold open auditions and everyone is invited to try out (we are a community theatre, after all!). Experience is not required. We try to keep auditions as easy and stress-free as possible. When you arrive, we will get your general information and take a photo of you. Head shots and monologues are not required. For plays, you will be asked to read from portions of the script (“sides”), usually with others who are auditioning. For musicals, you are asked to bring a prepared song and sheet music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided. CD accompaniment and a capella auditions are also permitted. It is a good idea to come dressed in clothes in which you can move comfortably, in case choreography is included in the audition.


For further information, e-mail us or call (336) 748-0857 x209


Coming Next

Is He Dead?
A Comedy adapted by David Ives
Based on the play by Mark Twain

Tuesday, July 7 at 7 pm

Directed by Joshua Waterstone
Roles available for 7-12 men (ages 20-80)
and 4-6 women (ages 20-80)

Jean Francois Millet (25-50) - a struggling artist in France
Chicago (20-50) - pupil of Millet, American
Dutchy (25-50) - Millet's friend, French or Dutch accent
Papa Leroux (40-80) - walks with a cane, enfeebled by care, not age
Andre (25-60) - rival of Millet, a skinflint
O'Shaughnessy (30-70) - Irish accent
Basil Thorpe (30-70) - patron of the arts, English
Reporter (20-70) - french reporter (male or female)
Marie (20-40) - Leroux's daughter, Millet's love interest
Cecile (20-40) - Leroux's daughter, flirts with Chicago
Madame Bathilde (40-80) - gabby, owns the flat
Madame Carone (40-80) - like Madame Bathilde's twin Plus...Charlie, Manservant, King, Undercover Inspector


For the Is He Dead? auditions, actors should be prepared for cold readings, although short (1-2 minute) prepared monologues will also be welcome. Bring your accents for this one! Also, if you play an instrument or sing, please come prepared to play or sing a short song.


September 18-20 & 24-27, 2015 at the Arts Council Theatre