Ready for the spotlight? Audition for one or more of our shows!

We try to keep auditions as easy and stress-free as possible. When you arrive, we will get your general information and take a photo of you. Head shots and monologues are not required. For plays, you will be asked to read from portions of the script (“sides”), usually with others who are auditioning. For musicals, you are asked to bring a prepared song and sheet music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided. CD accompaniment and a capella auditions are also permitted. It is a good idea to come dressed in clothes in which you can move comfortably, in case choreography is included in the audition.

TCS believes in non-traditional casting and encourages everyone to try out (we are a community theatre, after all!). Please bring your calendar so you can list any and all conflicts during the rehearsal period.

Unless otherwise noted, all auditions are held at the Arts Council Theatre; come to the lobby for check-in. For further information, e-mail us or call (336) 748-0857 x209.


The Miracle Worker

Tuesday, November 15
Auditions for actors ages 7-15 begin at 6:30 pm
Auditions for actors 18+ begin at 7:30 pm

Directed by Jim McKeny


Roles available for 4 women (ages 20-65), 4 men (ages 18-65), 8 girls (ages 7-15), and 1 boy (aged 10-14)


Notes from the director and character descriptions:
All ages are approximate.  Southern accents, for most characters, are a plus as the play takes place in Alabama during the 1880s - less than 20 years after the end of the Civil War. For men, facial hair is fine, as beards and mustaches were popular during this time.

Doctor: 40s-60s: a kind and simple country doctor
Kate Keller:
 late 20s - early 30s; Capt. Keller's young wife and mother of Helen; tired, brave
Captain Keller:  40s - 60s; Helen's father, a retired Confederate captain.  Stern, forceful 
Helen:  7; blind, deaf and mute. (Would prefer an older girl (10-13+) who can appear much younger) 
Martha:  8-12, African-American; Viney's daughter and Helen's playmate - patient and happy
Percy: 10-14, African-American; Viney's son and Helen's playmate - a typical boy
Aunt Ev:  40s - 60s; Capt. Keller's sister
James Keller:  18 - 23; Helen's half-brother; moody, selfish and sarcastic, but also a source of humor in the story 
Anagnos:  40s - 60s; Director of the Institute for the Blind; Greek accent; kind, generous
Annie Sullivan:  20s; Helen's governess and teacher; eager, independent, hardworking, determined; speaks with a soft Irish accent
Viney:  30s - 40s, African-American; cook and housekeeper for the Keller family
4 - 6 Blind Girls at Institute:  ages from 8 - 15   
Servant Girl:  17 - 30


Performances: February 3-5 & 9-12, 2017 at the Arts Council Theatre


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Tuesday, January 31
Auditions for actors ages 7-15 begin at 6:30 pm
Auditions for actors 18+ begin at 7:30 pm

Directed by Nick Zayas
Music direction by Maggie Gallagher
Choreography by Becky Koza
Roles available for 7-10 women (ages 16+), 12-16 men (ages 16+) and 15 children (ages 7-15).

Notes from the director and character descriptions:
Children will be taught a selection of music which they'll sing in small groups. They'll also be taught a short dance combination, also in small groups. Older kids are welcome to audition individually with the adults if they prefer.  

For adults: please prepare 32 bars to be performed with piano accompaniment (please bring sheet music in the correct key). Musical theatre canon is preferable and "character" pieces are strongly encouraged. A short dance combination will be taught, in small groups.


Narrator: the Narrator tells the story through word and song.
Jacob: the father of twelve sons.
Joseph: eleventh son of Jacob; obviously the favorite.
Ishmaelites: men of the desert, they buy Joseph as a slave, take him to Egypt, and sell him to Potiphar.
Potiphar: a rich, spoiled, but powerful Egyptian
Mrs. Potiphar: scheming and seductive
Baker: one of Pharaoh’s servants, now in prison
Butler: another of Pharaoh servants, also in prison
Pharaoh: the most powerful man in Egypt, Pharaoh is considered a god on earth 
Joseph's Eleven Brothers
Reuben: eldest son of Jacob; sings lead on "One More Angel in Heaven"
Simeon: second son of Jacob; sings lead on "Those Canaan Days"
Levi: third son of Jacob
Judah: fourth son of Jacob; sings lead on "Benjamin Calypso"
Dan: fifth son of Jacob
Naphtali: sixth son of Jacob
Gad: seventh son of Jacob
Asher: eighth son of Jacob
Issachar: ninth son of Jacob
Zebulun: tenth son of Jacob
Benjamin: twelfth son of Jacob; Joseph accuses him of stealing the golden cup
The Wives: the wives of the eleven brothers; these actors play multiple roles
Adult chorus: any additional servants or other supporting characters
Children's chorus: 15 children who aid in the telling of the story through song and movement 

Performances: March 31-April 2 & April 6-9, 2017 at the Arts Council Theatre
Please note: there is a 10 am school performance of this play on Friday, April 7. All actors must be available from 9 am - 12:30 pm that morning.


Additional audition dates and information will be added soon. Stay tuned!

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